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Workshops and Performances

Rex plays for concerts and for the following dance events:

  • contradance
  • square dance
  • swing dance
  • English country dance
  • waltz, two-step, Scandinavian couple dance
  • step dance (Cape Breton, clogging, Irish, French Canadian

Rex loves to sit in with country, cajun, and bluegrass bands as well.

In addition, Rex offers the following workshops on a regular basis, but may be able to tailor something else to your specific needs:

  • Cape Breton Fiddle: An introduction to the music and fiddle technique of Cape Breton. Rex will focus on those elements which are fundamental to the style, covering Airs, Marches, Strathspeys, Jigs, and Reels. This includes a discussion of the differences between this music and other dance-oriented styles.

  • Contradance Fiddle: Rex draws on his extensive experience to impart the important difference between playing for yourself and playing for people who are attempting to dance!!

  • Fiddle Technique: Excercises and tune-based etudes that are actually fun!
  • Contradance Band: In conjunction with musical henchpeople, Rex will discuss what thrills dancers, and what doesn't.

  • Style and Repertoire: Rex can teach various levels of style and repertoire in the following genres: Quebecois, Scottish/Cape Breton, Short-Bow Old-Time, Cajun, Traditional Contra, "New-Wave" Contra.